Sunday, 19 September 2010, A Letter from Pimlico

Well we haven’t any photos of the carboot sale in fact we were very let down with it, even though it was the first one held at The Pimlico Academy I would have thought that a company like Capital Carboot would have got their organization right.

I couldn’t see anyone who was in charge when we arrived there was no table (as is normal with carboot sales) with anyone behind it to take your entry fee, eventually we saw 2 young girls running around trying to collect the entry fees but they could have been anyone as neither of them were wearing a visibility jacket or seemed to know what was happening.

As you know I have a mobility problem and use a mobility scooter or wheelchair and there was just no way I could go inside to view the tables as they had been situated in such a way that I observed even people without mobility problems had to turn sideways to make their way through and I believe that if a fire officer saw the chaos with items of every description all over the floor he would have closed the venue at once, all in all we were their for 15 minutes and that was because we were stopped from moving about by cars trying to get in and out now this is a problem as cars and vans that are not staying on site are supposed to leave by 12 noon, we arrived at 13:15.

We will try the next attempt just to see if Capital Carboot can do what they say and give a really good experience and I am sending this part of our blog to them just to see if anyone is taking note.

On a more positive note the new Pimlico library situated at the Pimlico Academy is a site for sore eyes we have already mentioned in a previous letter that it opened on Wednesday 8 September and today was our first chance to have a look it was a pleasant surprise as you enter you get a feeling of such light and space there is a manned reception desk and a really nice refreshments bar and seating area with comfortable seating, when we were there it wasn’t open but the person on reception assured us that they served very good coffee and very affordable snacks.

You enter the library proper by stairs or lift and this is very disabled friendly as is the space between the stacks and it is laid out in a very easy to find way.

The children’s library had plenty of children in it and this about 2pm on a Sunday and the computer area was also being well used.

I especially liked the way you check in and out your books, cd’s and DVD’s by scanning them yourself this means that the library staff are always there for enquiries and other problems and as the library as a dual purpose serving both the general public and the pupils at the academy,

This freedom for the library staff not always being tied to checking out borrowed items is very crucial.

So with more books, cd’s DVD’s and computer space the library is in our eyes a great success and don’t forget it also contains the Westminster Adult Education with an exciting new learning facility with 8 high-tech teaching rooms.

Open seven days a week with a term-time homework club, a reading club and regular sessions for under fives as well as activities for children during school holidays it looks to us that this library is going to be a well used service for the people of Pimlico, well done Westminster for having such vision for Pimlico.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday, 19 September 2010, A Letter from Pimlico

  1. M Griffin October 7, 2010 at 21:12

    Looks like you came to the boot sale on the first day. However, I think the girls have had a steep learning curve and since I’ve been there in the last couple of weeks, the organisation has vastly improved by letting cars in a lot earlier. Ok, so it does mean that pitch holders have to wait around a bit longer not selling, it’s worth it to give the customers a better experience. Anyway, the weather looks good this weekend so it should be buzzing.


    • John and Maureen Glen October 8, 2010 at 06:50

      Great thanks for your comment, we hope to be there this Sunday and have a good time


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