Students or Vandals? You Tell Me

Tuition fees protests students march against education cuts

Protesters set fire to an empty security guard shelter in the middle of Parliament Square, sending a massive plume of black smoke across the road towards Parliament.

Others set off red flares and I don’t for one minute believe these violent incidents are the acts of genuine students and if any are students they should lose their place in University.
And to say it is the fault of the police is either the most stupid or most dim-witted headline of the day!

What did the police get wrong? Did they throw paint, break windows or start fires?
The police can only act in response to a given situation, we live not 10 minutes away from Parliament and even we were a little afraid of these so called peaceful protestors charging their way down our street. In our too liberal society the police after an event are blamed for lack of
policing and yet if they pre-empt action like this they are considered as too violent.

We must PUT the blame where it clearly lies, on the managers of the protest and the student leaders.
These student leaders, typified by one I saw on the
BBC appear to be professional agitators in training and the only item on the agenda is gratuitous devastation that makes no proclamation at all about the tuition fees.

This is not about the rich dominating the poor; it is about paying for education and from what I remember further education is a privilege not a God given right you must pay for your privileges!

Londoners and taxpayers have to pay for the students’ right to protest, how much has it cost Londoners to pay for all the policing including the cost of 3 helicopters and crews for about 10 hours yesterday and in the last 3 weeks about 120 plus hours!!! And with all the police costs, clean up, and damage to private property all these protestors have done is made sure that some other section of society will now have less money for their needs.

The police are a bit player here they must respond, and that response is brought about by the action of the protester, and how they control a disruptive rabble should have our full support.

Aggressive protest is one thing but the genuine students should be aware that their protest is being taken over by major trouble makers who have no interest at all in student fees, just meaningless aggression against the state that they sponge off; we want to see these violent vandals arrested and punished.

And don’t forget inadequate politicians equals weak policing, so don’t blame the police blame the rioters and then the government for its liberal soft approach this sort of action is going to continue till it’s stamped out and stamped out hard.

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